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How to distinguish between single crystal diamond powder and polycrystalline diamond powder
13. 04. 2023
There are four types of diamonds, the first type is the worst, and the fourth type is the best. The main difference is the crystal form and strength. The good crystal form is...
Segmental crushing and jet crushing of diamond micropowder
05. 04. 2023
In the production process of fine powder, the effect of wet crushing is better than that of dry crushing. Because when the dry method is crushed to a certain fineness, the wall sticking phenomenon is easy to occur, which reduces the crushing effect....
saw grit diamond
Boreas-BRD sawing synthetic diamond
26. 07. 2022
Saw-cut diamond is an industrial diamond synthesized by the press. It has the highest purity and strength of completely regular crystal shape, excellent thermal stability, and compactness. And sawn diamond can be used to process synthetic diamond powder with different particle sizes and shapes. Saw diamond is an...
The Properties and Applications of Synthetic Diamond
The Properties and Applications of Synthetic Diamond
21. 01. 2022
The Properties and Applications of Synthetic Diamond
Application of Super Abrasive Raw Material – Diamond & CBN
10. 01. 2022
Application of Super-hard Abrasive Raw Material – Diamond & CBN
Super-Abrasive Materials: Diamond and CBN
The hardest and the second hardest materials on
lab-grown diamond
“Give Me Half Pound of Diamond”--A War of Henan Manufacturers Against Diamonds From Earth
03. 12. 2021
In 2020, the world's lab-grown diamond output was 6 million to 7 million karats, nearly half of which was manufactured in China. About 80% of China's production was concentrated in Henan province, central China, according to a research report released by China CITIC Securities.
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