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Each batch of goods sent to customers has detailed shipping records and samples, which can quickly check the production, inspection and raw materials of this batch of products, and repeat inspections of any batch of products at any time to ensure product plasticity.
Production Process
The company regards product quality as the life of the company, adopts the most advanced process equipment and reasonable process, and has established a strict quality control system.

All our processes are based on the requirements of the ISO9001: 2008 management system to establish all relevant documents and records, control product quality in accordance with ISO standards and national GB6966-86 requirements, and are equipped with high-power microscopes, particle morphology analyzers, and laser particle size analysis. Instrument and scanning electron microscope, etc., the particle shape and size distribution and impurity content are strictly tested in accordance with standards. Achieve quality control from raw material supply, production process and final product.

According to customer requirements, we have established different quality standard systems, and set up file tracking to achieve the requirements of "zero quality defects" for products that customers want, and we can produce non-standard products according to customer requirements.
Crush & Reshape
Automatic Sizing
Malvern 2000
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