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Construction stone, glass, ceramic, magnetic materials
Several series of both mesh & micron diamond powders are suitable for making diamond blade ,diamond grinding wheel
Cemented carbide,hard metal
Our BRM-V series diamond powder was engineered for vitrified bond & resin bond tools produced by special chemical acid treatment can improve the retention between diamond and vitrified bond
Optic lens, 3C electronic industry, semiconductor
Our BRM-EP series diamond powder was engineered for electroplated bond diamond tools produced with premium grade MBD diamond as raw materials
Photovoltaic industry
Photovoltaic industry
Both of our Nickel coated and uncoated BRM-WSD series micron diamond products are engineered to produce diamond wire.
PCD/PDC synthesis
PCD/PDC synthesis
Our BRM-PCD series micron diamond powder was designed exclusively for the synthesising PCD/PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact).
aerospace industry
Automotive,aerospace industry
Boreas BRM-A series micron size diamond and BRD series mesh size diamond are suitable for making kinds of diamond cutting
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