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Segmental crushing and jet crushing of diamond micropowder
In the production process of fine powder, the effect of wet crushing is better than that of dry crushing. Because when dry crushing reaches a certain fineness, wall sticking is easy to occur, which reduces the crushing effect; wet crushing, raw materials always exist in the form of slurry, and it is easy to increase the proportion of fine particle size. In order to control the particle size ratio, segmental crushing should be used when more fine-grained powder needs to be produced, especially wet segmental crushing is better. This can not only avoid excessive crushing of materials, but also achieve segmentation according to strength during the crushing process. This is because the diamonds with low strength and poor quality are crushed first, and the diamonds with high strength and good quality are crushed last.
jet mill crushing method
Another crushing method is the jet mill crushing method. The jet mill uses compressed air as the working medium, and the compressed air is injected into the crushing chamber through a special supersonic nozzle at high speed. Produce strong collision, friction and shearing to achieve the purpose of crushing. Fragmentation occurs when the force acting on the particle is greater than its failure stress. The high-speed impact and collision cause the volume of the particles to be broken, while the shearing and grinding effects cause the surface of the particles to be broken. This crushing method is very beneficial to the production of diamond micropowder, because it can produce a more ideal particle shape. The biggest advantage of the jet mill is that it is not limited by the mechanical line speed and can generate high air velocity, especially the supersonic jet mill can generate a flow velocity several times the speed of sound, so it can generate huge kinetic energy, and it is relatively easy to obtain micron-level And submicron ultrafine powder.
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