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2023 GrindTec Exhibition in Germany
Boreas A leading manufacturer of synthetic diamond powders since 1990. We launched a new product at the GrindTec exhibition in Leipzig --- metal bonded mesh diamond. The MBD grain size ranges from 60/70 to 500/600, and the crystal shape is symmetrical and regular; the color is yellow, and the transparency is good; the complete hexahedron or octahedron, equal-area shape.

MBD series products are widely used in drilling, grinding and polishing applications in optical glass, stone processing, machining electronics and other industries. Special process is used to make the rough surface, the cutting edge strength is high, which contributes to better bonding and sharper cutting action compared with traditional diamond powder used in the grinding industry.

This new range of products helps our customers improve their grinding applications with their superior performance.

Many high-end customers around the world have given a high evaluation after testing and evaluating our metal bonded diamond samples, and have reached a long-term cooperative relationship.

If you have demand for metal bonded mesh diamond, welcome to contact us, thank you
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